Jesus Ramos

Jesus Ramos earned his Bachelor of Plant Sciences with a focus on Viticulture and Enology from Washington State University (WSU). He quickly found his passion for vineyards and the wine industry. After working for a few years, he went back to WSU and earned a Master in Agriculture Sciences with continued focus on vineyards. Moving to Texas was always an idea, so when the opportunity arose, he packed up his family and now reside in Lubbock, Texas. His goal is to make wine growers profitable and put Texas wine on the map.

-Director of Vineyard Operations – Apical Texas

-Viticulturist – Wyckoff Farms

-Production Supervisor – Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, Cold Creek Vineyard

-Viticulture Intern – Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, 14 Hands

-Winemaking Intern – Claar Cellars