Guides, Protocols, and BMPs

What’s the difference between the local coffee shop and Starbucks? Systems and processes. But systems and processes can still benefit the local coffee shop. And improving processes and protocols can benefit any vineyard of any size.

We decided to provide many of our guides, BMPs, and protocols on this page. Feel free to use and implement them in any way you see fit. All we care is that you Heed The Vine!

Texas Vineyard Block Production Scorecard

This guide helps you to score and categorize your producing blocks. If you think a given block may be a losing cause then this is the tool you want. There is a Simple Version for those looking for a quick analysis and a Detailed Version for those look to do the kind of analysis we’re regularly hired to perform. It’s the exact tool we use. Now you can use it, too.

Texas Spring Freeze/Frost Recovery Guide

It’s rough when spring freezes and frosts occur. 95% of the Google search results you’ll find tells you how to prevent and avoid it. If you’re reading this, that’s not going to help you. This guide adds to the 5% of literature that covers the “What Now?” questions.

Texas Vineyard Soil Sampling Guide

This guide shows best practices for sampling soils before planting a vineyard and during the producing stage. Sampling soils for vineyards should be done in a particular way that is different from most annual crops.

Texas Grapevine Nursery Classification Guide

This guide outlines the typical nursery classifications used to grade vines and how they best fit the needs of Texas winegrowers.

Texas Winter Freeze Damage Guide for Mature Cordon Vines

This was developed specifically for Texas, to guide commercial vineyards that experience winter grapevine bud damage in the fruiting zone. Links in the PDF are active if you want additional information.

Texas Dormant Bud Death Count Estimate Worksheet

This estimate worksheet corresponds with the Winter Freeze Damage Guide. The file auto-calculates when you enter your data.