American Viticultural Area (AVA) Petitioning

Apical Texas offers services to establish new AVAs and amend existing AVAs. Texas is far more diverse in both climate and terroir than is often realized. The AVA process can be complex and onerous, and we can help get a project across the finish line with results that establish the uniqueness of an area matched with the goals of area stakeholders.

Our analyses are objective and founded in science and historical importance. We know the difficulties of the TTB for AVAs and can provide excellent guidance in areas such as name derivation, geographic and/or climatic features, and alignment of key constituents.

We are Texans. We know and love this state as well as anyone. We believe there are many opportunities to refine the existing AVAs and expand into areas that currently do not reside in an AVA.

Apical Texas has the experience and expertise to help usher future AVA endeavors in Texas.