Production Package

Our Production Package focuses on analyzing the site and soils after a vineyard has been planted. As your vineyard grows into production, you will gain site-specific and operational knowledge, and challenges will arise. We understand this and incorporate your hands-on experience into our chemical and physical analyses to help take your vineyard to the next level. We can adjust your fertilizer program to better match what is being depleted, focus on a specific concern such as Cotton Root Rot or cover cropping, or help get those struggling shoots to your top wires. If you know you have a challenge, but don’t know where to begin, we work with you to find the answers and develop action.

Through our Production Package, we address your specific concerns and will uncover any issues you may not know exist. We provide multiple plans for fertilizer blends, rates, cultivation procedures, vine health analysis, and vineyard activity to boost or reduce vigor. We know that managing a vineyard is challenging, and we offer a range of recommendations to best suit you. Maybe you didn’t complete a thorough site and soil analysis before planting, but you can still make a huge impact in yield and quality now.