Vine Health Analyses

Our Vine Health Analysis focuses on the fitness and happiness of your vines and their environment. Every year, your vines tell you something. It is your job as manager or owner to listen to what they have to say.

Annual vine tissue samples are one of the absolutely most ridiculously crucial things you can do. Seriously. Without them, you will only be guessing at what you see in the field. You can even start testing as early as the first year. Why? Because establishing a trend line is the most important thing for nutrition. Those trend lines will give you a compass that will keep you moving forward. We can help show you how to read your compass.

Tissue samples are also crucial when you see disease symptoms. You can have 10 people visit your vineyard looking at a few leaves and you will get 10 different answers. So how do you find out for sure? You test the vines. And we know how to do this better than anybody. Single vine samples? Composite samples? How many in the composite? Test a control or not? What lab? What testing panels? These are all questions we have the answers for and we have the growing background to provide good guidance AFTER the test results.

We believe for Texas, bloom-time tissue nutrition samples are the best. But veraison samples are still useful if you didn’t get the bloom timing right so don’t use that as an excuse. Disease testing can be done really anytime there is green plant material. We make it all simple. We take the samples, send them to the lab, interpret the results, and provide you a report. We even tell you the reasoning behind our recommendations. It’s not magic. It’s science and experience and we are happy to share.