Vineyard Establishment & Project Support

We offer comprehensive soil analysis to give you critical information about your nutrients, vineyard design, and management. This expertise is brought to you by two guys with the experience and education necessary to truly help you. Travis Conley has a Ph.D. in Plant and Soil Sciences and Daniel Pate has a Master’s in Agricultural Economics. Together they have 12 years of full-time vineyard management and viticulture experience.

Apical Texas does all the necessary work and provides you with clear, concise action items you need because we manage vineyards for a living. Don’t waste time on the free gimmicks or the paid consultants that don’t have the experience.

We place a one-page Executive Summary at the front of every report, followed by a multi-page Manager Summary, then all the data and analysis. You don’t have to dig through a science textbook to figure out what you need to build a successful vineyard.

We’ve done it before, and we know what you need and want. Let us help you dig deeper.