Development Package

Our Development Package focuses on analyzing the site and soil prior to planting a vineyard. We help you understand the physical and chemical features that make your site special. Physical challenges can include poor drainage, shallow topsoil, shallow Effective Rooting Depth, and variations in Total Available Water. Common chemical problems in Texas consist of potentially toxic magnesium levels, low Cation Exchange Capacity, high pH, limited phosphorous bioavailability, and excessive calcium. While these problems are difficult to overcome, there are solutions, which are exponentially easier to apply before planting vines or installing infrastructure.

Through our Development Package, we cover all the challenges found that can be addressed before planting. We also provide suggestions for vine planting density, rootstock selections, block layout, and multiple fertilizer plans. If you are thinking of planting a vineyard soon, we can help you make the decisions that alleviate potential challenges before they become problems for the next 20 years.