What We’re Crushing On This Week 11.30.19

  • For those not “in the know”, the 806 is serving up some of the best wine in the great state of Texas. Duh 😉 (Forbes)
  • WONDERFUL article covering grapevine root activity from the wonderful folks at Cornell CALS. (Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences)
  • Great Texas storytelling about Big Bend and its’ remoteness. “A quarter mile out, Gilbert lays on the horn. “Let’s them know I’m here,” he says.” (Texas Monthly)
  • Red blotch will be a matter in Texas, soon. Don’t think it won’t. (Oregon State University Extension Service)
  • Hybrid wine grapes are getting some good press! Always underrated wines, in our opinion. (Good Fruit Grower)
  • We are not fans of “armageddon” or “over blown” style documentaries. That said, the wine episode of Netflix’s Rotten series is one worth watching because of the implications for the Texas industry. (Netflix Rotten)