What We’re Crushing On This Week 1.18.20

  • Why does the new year always sprout such pessimism and fear? Well, let’s get all the bad juju out in one fell swoop. Apparently, 2020 will be bad for wine lovers. (Food and Wine)
  • Year 2020 may be tough for Texas High Plains vineyards. (Apical Texas)
  • Wine is at war. Well, that’s the headline, but the article says “under attack”. I do not know if they are the same. (Wine Spectator)
  • The uncertainty clouds are growing above wine. (Wine-Searcher)
  • Grape market pessimism. (The Washington Post)
  • Napa population continues falling. P.S. They should move to Texas 😉 (Napa Valley Register)
  • Napa is squashing the little guy. (San Francisco Chronicle)