What We’re Crushing On This Week 2.1.20

  • Mike Nelson of Ab Astris Winery is very bullish (as we should be) on Texas wine and grapes: “I do my best to taste as much Texas wine as possible, and I’m constantly impressed by what many of my comrades in the industry are putting out.” (Texas Wine Lover)
  • If you are going to Unified, you should attend the “State of The Industry” session. Mike Veseth, The Wine Economist, will be moderating and speaking on how California is dealing with their surplus of wine has an impact on Texas wine. (Wine Economist)
  • Interesting perspective from Allied Grape Growers in California. Still, a very influential group, but a group that has seen membership age out and decline. (Farm Progress)
  • Really good video covering mechanical shoot thinning with new vineyard tech. Scheid Vineyards, who is very often at the forefront of new tech, is providing the vines and fields. (Lake Erie Regional Grape Program)
  • Need a new place to eat in Austin? Eater Austin has you covered with 20 of them. Just be sure to look for Texas wines on their menus! (Eater Austin)
  • “Rule 1: Birds are often (though not conclusively) small.” (Audubon Society)