What We’re Crushing On This Week 2.8.20

  • Red Blotch is present in a few Texas vineyards we’ve worked with. Great concise and still thorough information regarding Grapevine Red Blotch Disease (GRBaV). (Oregon Wine Research Institute Fall 2019 Newsletter)
  • You should have your TWGGA tickets by now for Irving. BUT if you don’t, get them! Tremendous presenters this year. Apical Texas will be presenting on Saturday @ 10:30am, “99 Problems But A Vine Ain’t One” (shameless plug). (TWGGA)
  • Texas wines continue winning at major events, like the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. (Texas Fine Wine)
  • The always information-rich report from Ciatti Brokerage. They argue that the CA bulk wine inventory is pretty substantial. This will likely apply some pressure on the current FSITO arrangement. (Ciatti Brokerage)
  • Eater Houston thinks the “Ice House” movement is real and coming on strong. Sounds like they need some great Texas wines on the their menus. (Eater Houston)
  • Dogs need music, too. One way to feel slightly better about leaving them at home alone? A Spotify playlist. (Reuters)