What We’re Crushing On This Week 3.7.20

  • Kim McPherson & Jon McPherson are partnering – Carter Creek Winery Resort in Fredericksburg. It’s slated to open in April. Can’t wait! (Dallas Morning News)
  • Best Tater Tots in Dallas! Woot woot 😉 (Eater Dallas)
  • Make mine a Cantarito, por favor. (Punch)
  • Would you get a tattoo of your favorite wine? Maybe you should… Mine would be Merlot. (WineBusiness)
  • Dave Phinney is rocking and rolling on Mare Island. (New York Post)
  • PPE: Thailand Edition… “Guano collectors usually enter the cave with long sleeved shirts and long pants, with a T-shirt wrapped around their head as makeshift cover.” (Bloomberg)