What We’re Crushing On This Week 6.20.20

  • Messina Hof is looking for talent. (Wine Business)
  • Slapping around some vines with machinery. Side note: the vines are a lot more durable than we often think 🙂 (Good Fruit Grower)
  • Moon Mountain Wine Guide. This warms our heart after running Monte Rosso for a spell! (Wine Enthusiast)
  • TAMU Talks pH. Quite a general talk but interesting, nonetheless. The current belief that high pH is caused by high vine potassium is usually not true. Far more often, pH is high because sugars do not accumulate quickly enough to match pH changes, due to lack of potassium. (TAMU V&E Facebook)
  • Courteous prison escapees. I suppose prisoners need a break from the grind, too?!?! One would assume the police will not wait to find out if they are true to their word… (Yahoo)