What We’re Crushing on This Week: 9.26.20

  • Kalasi Cellars has debuted in Fredericksburg with vintners Nikhila Narra Davis and Greg Davis. Kudos on a very new and cool concept! (Dallas Morning News)
  • UC Davis Sonoma Extension argues that leaving unsold fruit unharvested makes a ton of sense. We happen to agree and they give specifics as to why. (UCCE Sonoma) Note: the same argument could be made for post-harvest fungicide sprays. We see many growers in Texas spraying post-harvest and we think it is really only warranted if problems were out of control during the season. In academics, it sounds reasonable, in reality, it’s not as critical as theory suggests. Good discussion from Australia regarding post-harvest. (WineTitles Media)
  • A very useful report from Oregon covering their vineyard and winery data. Hopefully, Texas can one day have something similar. (Oregon Wine Board)
  • Roller Skates + Jump Roping = Impressive Danger! (Guinness World Records Instagram)