WE-SEARCH Wednesday: Oregon State Univ. & OIV

Are obscure university websites where online seminars go to die? Kinda. Does a ton of useful research exist in dark and untouched corners of the internet jungle? For sure.

Many academic institutions have struggled to adapt to the world of infinite information. Being on the internet doesn’t mean being found on the internet. Luckily for you, we’re taking the time to find, distill, and send out what we call “We-Search“.

We-Search” for research. We-Search may be hidden, old, esoteric, or unmagnified research that has amazing value, but just needs a flashlight. We bring the flashlight, you bring the eyeballs!

  • Oregon State University has a gold mine of free seminars that we stumbled across. (OWRI). We are big fans of Dr. Akif Askalen and he has a seminar covering grapevine trunk disease management. (OWRI Media).
  • International Organisation of Vine & Wine (OIV) has a comprehensive grapevine trunk review that discusses regions across the world and their challenges. (Grapevine Trunk Diseases Review 2016). The OIV has more research on a number of topics, like functional biodiversity in the vineyard and barrel aging using chestnut wood. OIV doesn’t have a large quantity of info here and the website is difficult to navigate, but there’s good info nuggets here, nonetheless. (OIV Collective Expertise)