What We’re Crushing on This Week: 11.14.20

  • “We’re not there for your entertainment. We’re there to be badass professional.” A great quote from Courtney Keeling in a very read-worthy article on women in the Dallas wine scene. Choosing the side door is often the result of a horrendous gatekeeper structure. Especially, if the gatekeeper at the front door is creepy, drunk, and only in it for themselves… (D Magazine)
  • Andrew Klein covers Dolcetto in Texas wine. Cheers, Andrew! We’ve long believed Dolcetto is an underrated grape!!! (Texas Vine Lover)
  • Phillipe Armenier and Robert Hall Winery have teamed up for a regenerative vit case study. Hopefully they share more after the live events. (Wine Business)
  • Wow… this 10-year-old boy makes us feel like we… didn’t really accomplish much this week. Geez. (UPI)