WE-SEARCH Wednesday: WSU Cougs Roar

Washington State University has got it going on. Katy Perry says they will “roar”. Markus Keller has a Genius Switch stuck on the on position. Michelle Moyer distills information as well as anybody. WSU is definitely cutting loose on the Palouse. Their climate is very similar to the Texas High Plains. Mike Leach coached at TTU & WSU!!! It’s like TX & WA are brothers from another mother. But we digress…

WSU does incredible research. We cannot count the number of nuggets on this website that can help the Texas High Plains, as well as the Texas Hill Country. They have information on managing Nightshades in the Vineyard and they have their own Newsletter that comes out twice a season. Their specific research work can be tough to find, but the research and presentation is really fantastic. Check out this research from Katherine East about Nematode Locations In The Soil. Or check out Michelle Moyer’s presentation on Rootstocks vs. Own Rooting and their findings in Washington.

WSU also has a wealth of information grower resources that focus on the operating of vineyards. They have information on Irrigating Multiple Soil Types and a Cost of Production Calculator. Even a whole booklet on Getting Growers Paid.

Simply a gold mine of information. The website has some broken links, some dead ends, etc. But for a university website?!? It’s REALLY good. They are definitely adapting to the modern internet and deserve a lot of credit. You should really sign up for their newsletters and you’ll see why we’ve been on their list for awhile.