WE-Search Wednesday: Crazy Hippie Edition Part 1

Look, I loved my time in California. I love my time in Texas. So here’s some “Crazy Hippie” research that started in Cali but I’m seasoning with Texas pragmatism. Like Hippies, this article meanders and is dense and crunchy. Like Texans, this article keeps it light and cuts through the noise. Peace and Love, Y’all.


It’s hot. You can also call it pyrolisis instead, and you’ll really sound like you’re a real smarty pants. Depending on whom you speak with, it will either save the planet or… it will destroy the planet. Surely, reality lies somewhere in that canyon. It definitely has benefits and can be worth it in a variety of situations. But it comes down to dollars and cents, too. I once spent an entire weekend at a Biochar conference in Forestville, CA and I learned two key things. First, biochar can be used to make toothpaste AND it can be used in composting toilets. Circle of life, man. Second, it can be pretty affordable to produce. What makes it unaffordable is transportation. Seriously. If you make it on-site or within 30-60 min drive, then it pencils. Outside of that, it literally costs more than it’s worth. It’s that simple. Also, important note: a good swath of soils that would generally benefit the most from turning dead trees into biochar are in regions where there are very few trees. Go figure. Look at this map and see for yourself. I don’t see it ever becoming a “major thing” unless we are in some Mad Max scenario. But hey, there’s still a few days left in 2020… so… knock on wood, please. Seriously.

Just give peace a chance, man. Otherwise, you’re all hat and no cattle.

Stay tuned for Part 2, pardner!