What We’re Crushing On This Week: 1.9.21

  • We have 5, count them, FIVE MUST-READS this week! 2021 is starting nicely 🙂
  • Jeff Cope profiles Spenser Igo at McPherson and turns out… HE LOVES Albariño just like we do!!! (TX Wine Lover)
  • Alex Russan has some beautiful points about yield vs. quality. “Nearly all of these studies – which Matthews interprets, contextualizes, and explains related plant functions – show that there is no direct connection between yield and quality.” (Wine-Searcher)
  • What ifelevation… plays a larger role in High Plains wine acidity/pH than we realize? (Wine Enthusiast)
  • A thoughtful and plainspoken article from Robert Camuto speaks volumes! “But I was a lousy grower, not attentive enough to do the right (organic) treatments and vine trimming when they needed to be done. My Syrah vineyard became a disease factory.” (Wine Spectator)
  • De Cecco, if you’re reading this: Please contact me immediately, then also put 2.1 milligrams of iron into your freaking bucatini…” (Grub Street)