WE-Search Wednesday: Crazy Hippie Edition Part 4

Look, I loved my time in California. I love my time in Texas. So here’s some “Crazy Hippie” research that started in Cali but I’m seasoning with Texas pragmatism. Like Hippies, this article meanders and is dense and crunchy. Like Texans, this article keeps it light and cuts through the noise. Peace and Love, Y’all.


Hard to spell. Fun to say. And it works. Compost tea is really what kicked off this whole trend with organic farmers and marijuana growers. The best part? One local Texas company, Wildroot Organics, is suited to meet both small and large vineyard needs with a great product. It can be used as a root dip pre-planting, injected via drip tape pre- and post-planting, and can be used to boost cover crop. Will it cure cancer? Nah. Should you put it on your salad? Definitely not. But it will improve your vine survival rate and it will improve biological activity in your soil. UC Davis has proven it in studies from Kendra Baumgartner. P.S. She’s really smart. The “purists” and “evangelists” will wax endlessly about specifics of compost teas or ectomycorrhizae vs. endomycorrhizae. That’s lovely. But the big value comes from using mychorrhizae vs. not. Don’t worry about the details too much and just pick something that covers most bases. It’s cheap for what you get, it’s easy to use, and it works. Mileage varies but it’s always undervalued.

Just give peace a chance, man. Otherwise, you’re all hat and no cattle.

See ya on the flip side, pardner!